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First time in MP a 5 tank process done by a job worker handled by professionals.

Super Powder Coating

We are based in over 5000 sq ft.

Established in 2003 in a very short period of time, we were able to change the mindset of indore by making them try and use different shades rather than the blues & the blacks.

The widest range we were the first to introduce of METALIC & ANTIQUE SHADES.

We are proud to say that now we have the largest range of antiques and metallic shades that too with guarantee, Now we can also develop and give any colour of your choice, that too with any combination.

And now for the very first time we are extremely proud to say that especially for clients who want to export in countries where they use and allow LEAD FREE POWDER COATING. We are the first to use all totally lead free powder, thus helping the environment friendly people too.

All our antiques and metallic shades do not require laker to give more life our shades without laker are guaranteed for 7 years. They don’t fade or lose their shine.